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898 Collection 51/2x49 51/2OK7878
Robusto Review by: Jeff Morris
Arturo Fuente - Don Carlos 5x50 $8.00GREAT91039
Robusto Review by: Greg W.
Arturo Fuente 6.25x46 Yes8968
Corona Imperial Maduro Review by: Juan H
Arturo Fuente 6 1/2x46 *see belowGREAT10101010
Hemmingway Signiature Review by: Pat Scanga * $30.00 CDN
Arturo Fuente 7 5/8x54 ~7.00Yes10689
Royal Salute Review by: G. Wallace
Ashton 71/2x52 *8GREAT9979
Churchill Review by: Jeff Morris
Ashton 6x50 7.50GREAT9969
Double Magnum Review by: Steve Jones
AVO 6x50 $7-9GREAT91099
Belicoso Review by: Hoyo de juan
AVO 6x50 6.50GREAT9979
Belicoso Review by: Jeff Morris
AZ 49x7 *see belowYes9868
churchhill Review by: Elgonzo * $4.50-$6.00
baccarat x 2.75GREAT7999
rothschild Review by: jason hamer
Bahia Gold x $8.00GREAT1010109
Bahia Gold Review by: Grabo
Bahia 5.5x52 5.50GREAT91089
??? Review by: Flagwriter
Bahia x 5.75GREAT1010109
Trinidad Robusto Review by: Grabo
Bauza 71/2x50 7GREAT81099
Fabuloso Review by: Jeff Morris
bauza 6"x43 Yes81069
importado Review by: elgonzo
Bauza x $6.80GREAT10101010
Robusto Review by: Jayson
Belinda 5.6x45 $2.50GREAT9969
Cabinet Review by: JW
Bering 8.5x52 3.05GREAT99109
Grande Review by: kantornado
Bolivar x GREAT109109
Belicoso Fino Review by: D. Pieper
Bolivar 5x40 *see belowYes9978
Bonitas Review by: mickd * 12 Canadian
Bolivar 7x47 *see belowGREAT1010810
Corona Gigantes Review by: mickd * 635.0O US IF FROM CANADA, 300.00 BOX IF FROM SWITZ.
Bolivar 5 5/8x44 GREAT91069
Coronas Extra Review by: D. Pieper
Brick Hanauer's 6x52 $6.25Yes109109
Toro Review by: Ty Coleman
C.A.O. Anniversary 7x48 $9GREAT10889
churchill Review by: Jeff Morris
Celestino Vega 4 1/2x *see belowOK7875
Senetor Review by: blacksheep * $1.75 (97)
Cifuente 51/2x49 7GREAT10999
Robusto Review by: Jeff Morris
Cohiba (Habana) 9x42 *see belowTerrible8100
Review by: Howard Y. Yelen * 100 TT (Aprx $18 US)
Cohiba 4.0x40 *see belowYes9769
Siglo 1 Review by: Bernie * US $15.00
Conquistador 5x50 $2.75Yes7968
Robusto Review by: Flagwriter
Copa Havana 6x43 4.30OK5765
Corona Review by: Gary
Copa Havana 5x48 $3.95Yes9868
Robusto (maduro) Review by: Dave Y
Cuesta Rey 6x ?No9762
#95 Review by: BAY
Cuesta-Rey 4.5x50 @ $5.00Yes67108
Centennial Robusto Review by: Brian
Daniel Marshall Black label 7x50 7GREAT8979
churchill Review by: jeff Morris
Diamond Crown 6.5x54 Yes91066
No. 3 Review by: D. Pieper
Diamond Crown 5.5x54 $10.50Yes10969
Number 4 Review by: Willy Kelly (bald1)
D'Leon 5x ?GREAT78610
? Review by: BAY
Domino Park 7.25x50 4.25Yes69108
Churchill Review by: Ethman
Don Carlos x $11GREAT10869
#4 Review by: fred randall
Don Fedor 7-1/2x48 giftOK7445
Churchill Review by: DaveY
Don Tomas 4x 2.55OK7765
Review by: BAY
dunhill 6.5"x42 *see belowGREAT9989
coronas grandes Review by: Elgonzo * $4.50-$6.50
Dunhill 7x50 10GREAT1010109
Paravias Review by:
El Esencial 6.75x 1.50GREAT9869
? Review by: BAY
El Esencial x $3.30Yes7746
Review by: DaveY
El Ray del Mundo 7x49 ?OK97105
Double Corona Deluxe Review by: Grabo
El Rey Del Mundo 7.25x47 ??Yes99106
Corona Inmensa Review by: Steve Jones
Excelsior 5.5x52 Yes7948
#3 Review by: Juan H
Fighting Cock 5x50 $5.00Yes108108
Rooster Arturo Review by: The Ash Man
Flor de Cano 5-1/2x42 *see belowGREAT10968
Corona Review by: lawdude * $18 (Canadian)
Flor de Farach 6.75x54 $4.25OK8676
Momotumbo Review by: G. Wallace
Free Cuba 6x50 $4 - $6Yes9768
Torpedo Review by: Juan H
Fuente Fuente Opus X x $10.00Yes109109
Perfexcion#5 Review by: Bob Keaveny
Fuente Fuente Opus X 5.25x50 $13.00GREAT1010109
Robusto Review by: Bob Keaveny
Fuente Opus X 5.6x46 OK10875
Fuente fuente Review by: Bernie
H. Upmann Chairman's Reserve 4-3/4x50 $13GREAT101069
Robusto Review by: MAPBA1
H. Upmann Special Selec. 4.5x50 $5Yes6868
Maduro Rothschilde Review by: Juan H
Habana Gold 5x? ?No9732
? Review by: BAY
Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur 5.25x50 *see belowYes8979
Epicure Review by: Flagwriter * Xmas Gift
Hoyo de Monterrey 6.5x OK9665
Excalibur Review by: BAY
Hoyo de Monterrey 6x48 $3.25GREAT9999
Govenor Review by: Steve Jones
Indian Tabac 5 1/2x52/36 5.00Terrible10120
Teepe Review by: Gary
Jose L. Piedra (Padron) 5-1/2x42 $1.60Yes78108
Londres Review by: DaveY
Jose Marti 7.25x54 2.75Yes9899
Don Juan Review by: G. Wallace
Jose Marti 7x48 $3-$4GREAT79108
La Trinidad Review by: Juan H
La Aurora 5.00x50 4.80No8861
Robusto Review by: Jbstogie
La Aurora 5x50 $3.11GREAT9989
Robusto Review by: Flagwriter
La Finca 6x50 $2.45OK6655
Joya Review by: DaveY
La Finca 6.75x48 1.80Yes9868
Valentino Review by: Ted Donahue
La Flor Dominica 6 7/8x49 *see belowGREAT8978
mambises Review by: Elgonzo * 5.00-6.00
La Flor Dominicana 4.5x32/64 $4.50Yes109109
El Jocko #1 Review by: Pharmr
La Fontana 5x50 Yes9966
Robusto Review by: Juan H
La Fontana 7"x49 *see belowOK6645
vintage Review by: Elgonzo * 5.00-6.50
La Palma de Oro 6.75x50 9.00GREAT78108
Don Jorge Review by: Flagwriter
La Unica 6.75x OK9866
#300 Review by: BAY
lahoja 5"x50 ?Yes910109
robusto Review by: elgonzo1
Las Cabrillas x $2.50GREAT99106
Coronado Review by: Achey
leon jimenes 5"x50 *see belowYes99109
robusto Review by: elgonzo * $4.50-$6.00
lone wolf---lobo rojo 5"x50 $7.00Yes10989
robusto Review by: elgonzo
lonewolf 6''x49 $7.00GREAT1010109
robusto / vintage series Review by: elGonzo
Macanudo 6x42 $5GREAT109109
Portofino Review by: Achey
Mocha 5x OK5645
Supreme Review by: BAY
Montecristo 6 1/8x52 *see belowGREAT1091010
No. 2 Review by: Pat Scanga * $35.00 CDN
Montecristo 4.0x40 US $7.50Yes87109
No. 5 (Perla) Review by: Bernie
Montecristo 6x42 GiftGREAT8101010
Tubos A/T Review by: Seapup
Montesino x $6.50GREAT1010109
Torp. Review by: Grabo
Nat Sherman Landmark Selection 7.5x49 1500 yenYes7946
Dakota Review by: Tim (aka SirFlagwriter)
New York Te Amo x Terrible8730
Robusto Review by: Juan H
Next Generation 7x50 7.50GREAT910109
churchill Review by: Chris D.
Padorn 7x47 $16USGREAT1010109
Diplomatico Review by: Richard
Padron Anniversario 6.5x46 8.50GREAT9979
Monarca Review by: Juan H
PADRON ANNIVERSARY 5 1/2x50 10.50GREAT10101010
Padron 5x50 $4GREAT9998
2000 Review by: Juan H
Padron 4 7/8x46 $3.20GREAT910109
Delicias Review by: jack
Padron 7x50 $13.50Yes1010109
Padron Anniversario Diplomatico Review by: Bill Barrett
partagas (cuban) 170mmx43 13.00usdGREAT91099
8-9-8 (Varnished) Review by: karl ziarko
partagas gran cru 5'1/2x50 6.50OK9988
robusto Review by: fred randall
Partagas 7.5x49 *see belowGREAT91058
10 Review by: Tim (aka SirFlagwriter) * Secret Santa gift
Partagas 8x52 $8-10GREAT109910
Fabuloso Review by: HOYO DE JUAN
Partagas x 8.00OK8988
Number 10 Review by: Smokin in NH
Partagas 4.5x49 OK8846
Robusto Review by: Pharmr
Partagas 4 5/16x39 USD$8.00GREAT98910
Shorts Cabinet Selection Review by: Seapup
Partigas (Habana) 7x42 *see belowTerrible8100
Review by: Howard Y. Yelen * 100 TT ($18 US)
Paul Garmirian x $10.50OK9965
Belicoso Fino Review by: D. Pieper
Pinar 7x49 $20Terrible9220
Churchill Review by: Seapup
Punch 4.5x50 $3.60Yes9696
Rothchild Review by: G. Wallace
Puros Indios 7x48 $5.75Yes9848
#1 Especiale Review by: H-D Man
Puros Indios 7 1/2x60 $8.20Yes8855
Piramides #1 Review by: DaveY
Puros Indios 5x48 $3.80OK9645
Robusto Review by: DaveY
Puros Indios 5.5x40 $4.00Yes9768
Rothchild Review by: Andy 'RKipling' Carney
Rafael Gonzalez 5.6x46 Yes96109
Coronas Extra Review by: Bernie
Remedios Maduro 4 1/2x48 *see belowOK8868
Robusto Review by: Paul Magier * $2.70 w/NYtax
Rey del Mundo 7.25x47 $2.00OK8648
Corona Immensa Review by: G. Wallace
Romeo Y Julieta (Cuba) 5.4x46 USD $10GREAT1091010
Celestial Finos Review by: Bernie
Romeo Y Julieta 6.5x42 *see belowOK7465
Cedros deluxe No. 1 Review by: Bernie * US $12.50
Romeo y Julieta 5.5x45 *see belowGREAT910109
Exhibicion #3 Review by: Steve Jones * $21.00 (US)
Romeo y Julieta 7x47 14.00Yes10998
Prince of Wales Review by: D. Pieper
Romeo Y Julietta 7x50 *see belowGREAT107910
Churchill Review by: Pat Scanga * $37.00 CDN
Rumrunner 7x42 $2.50Terrible910810
Pirate Treasure Review by: Achey
Saint Luis Rey 5 5/8x42 14.00 usGREAT91089
Coronas Review by: mickd
Saint Luis Rey 6 1/2x44 $4.00OK8488
Lonsdale Review by: Greg W
Santa Damiana Seleccion # 500 5x54 $7.55OK10945
robusto Review by: easy money
Sosa Family Selection 5.75x44 $5Yes8768
#3 Review by: Juan H
SOSA 6x54 *see belowTerrible9101010
PYR#2 Review by: Jeffrey Morris * $4[Internet] $7+ retail
temple hall estates 5.5x49 7.00Yes7866
550 Review by: ron
Trinidad x $30GREAT1010810
Review by: Marc McFred
Trinidad 7 3/4x40 USD$25GREAT1081010
Fundadores Review by: Seapup
Vargas 7''x49 ?Yes5769
LaPalma Review by: Elgonzo
Vegas Robaina 61/8x52 $10Yes710105
Unicos Review by: Don Jamieson-Dunne
Vueltabajo 6x50 $4.50Yes9968
Toro Review by: Juan H

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